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Who we are

Established in 2019, our founding team had a vision to bring technology and businesses management together to work seamlessly, bringing businesses into the future and making them much more efficient.

With most businesses we worked with and for in the past we noticed that many were working inefficiently. This was due to them not knowing the potential and technology currently out there that can help streamline their processes.

Since then, we decided to create Ivy Technologies to help these businesses strive to achieve and exceed their goals.

Our Experience

We have over 20 years experience in reviewing systems and processing business requirements. We have made great improvements to businesses, which you can find in our case stories below.

Before our team joined us, They had job roles such as:


We are open with what we can help you with and how much our service will cost. We will not surprise you with any hidden fees and will always stay within your budget.


Experienced with project management we will approach all problems strategically, detailing the changes that need to be made and working with key stakeholders involved.

Passionate to help

We love helping businesses achieve more, it is our passion. We are confident that we can help streamline your businesses to improve your profit margins.

Achieve your goals

We have a wealth of experience from helping a wide range of businesses in many different situations. We are agile and can respond to your problems in a strategic and productive manner.

Your Goal is Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

We want to see results within your business. We do this because it is our passion and we want to see you succeed. 

We believe that our charging should be based on delivery and not necessarily the amount of hours spent in a project.

This can fill you with confidence that we will always be productive with our time.

Who we have helped

Our Case Studies

We would love to tell about people that we have helped. Due to the nature of some of our services and to protect their privacy we will replace their business names with pseudo names. Our customer’s discretion is important to us.

Bradford & Manchester
500 Employees

CMC was growing rapidly and was struggling to keep up with demand using their current CRM system and manual mailings.


Designed a new linear process that would greatly increase efficiency by decreasing all the manual tasks that staff members were needing to perform. We worked with their current CRM provider to get the process built and created a migration process to get them transferred across to the new process.

We outsourced all mailing to a third party that would deal with inbound and outbound post. This was then integrated with their CRM system so staff could send and receive letters all through the CRM.

Cross Hills
30 Employees

AllComp Was downsizing due to a drop of demand in the market. They needed to reduce costs across the businesses.


Reviewed all contracts and costs, removing unnecessary spend or finding cheaper alternatives. Moved expensive infrastructure into the cloud, reviewed and made changes to staff and found a suitable new building in the local area that better suited the company.

Law Firm
London & China
5 Employees

The law firm wanted to test a new product offering based in China. They needed a website and Database creating quickly and affordably to be able to get further funding from investors.


Created a simple multi-lingual website with an enquiry form that sent their clients through to a new CRM system where they could manage and send emails keeping their clients updated.

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Carl Miller

Business Consultant

Jordan Knight

Full Stack Developer

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