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“Best business value emerges when projects are aligned to clear business goals, deliver frequently and involve the collaboration of motivated and empowered people.”

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We specialise in Project Management, using primarily AgilePM (DSDM) methodology. This along with other business management tools and techniques enable us to support your business change and development requirements.

Why do projects fail?

The majority of project fail due to:

We Can Help Your Project(s) Succeed By Applying Tried And Tested Methods

There are six stages to a standard project (The Project Lifecycle). We can help you at any stage, or management your projects from Start to Finish.

The project lifecycle

Only start the right projects at the right time. This help focus your efforts on the project that will have the most significant benefit to your business.
Completing a feasibility assessment within the first few weeks of starting a project lets you quickly know whether the business case holds water and you are likely to see a cost benefit.
If not, Stop the project and do not waste any more time or money. In a traditional project you may not find out until after the project has completed that it has not delivered the benefit you were expecting, or it may fail all together.
Once you have determined that a project is worth pursuing, the foundation stage is there to establish a deeper, fundamental understanding of the business rationale for the project.
The potential solution that will be created by the end and how development and delivery of the solution will be managed.
Again, the business case is evaluated throughout giving you/the business to stop or re-think the project direction at the earliest possible time thus, preventing any excessive waste in time and money.
In the Foundations stage, Time, Cost and Quality are fixed and the requirements prioritised meaning you will always get a viable solution, on time and on budget, if the correct practices of prioritisation and timeboxing are adhered to.
Once the project moves out of the Foundation stage, we can start building /creating your vision.
We do this in small pieces, called increments. Each increment is planned and timeboxed. After each timebox is completed, the solution has been evaluated and signed off, at the end of each increment.
Everything is tested and signed off by you, the customer. This means you know what is being completed and you are happy with the quality.
The objective of the Deployment phase is to bring a baseline of the Development stage and deploy the solution into operational use, either in part or as a completed solution.
This approach means that the business can use and see the benefits of a project without having the wait until the end of the full solution development.
This can often off-set some of the project costs as benefits may be able to be realised earlier.
It is critical to also ensure all Users and Stakeholders are aware of what has been created and how it works.
Review. How is the solution working in operation and are you receiving the benefit as expected out of the project? Analyse and move forward with confidence.

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"It is about following a method that works and creating an environment of collaboration and empowerment."

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